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 ♦  The maritime portion of the funeral service  
 ♦ Cold soft drinks and water if requested  
 ♦ Wicker basket for ash interment if requested  
 ♦ List of nautical readings, prayers, and The Nautical Commitment to the Sea, “Rite of Committal”  
 ♦ C D player for recorded music  
 ♦ Chart showing where the burial took place  
 ♦ Centrally located pedestal stand for holding flowers and urn  
 ♦ Authorization form for the scattering of unattended cremains burial  
 ♦ Information on the Catholic Church and their position on ash burials at sea  
 ♦ Guidance throughout the entire procedure for an ash burial at sea  
 ♦ The required government reporting is included as part of the service  
 ♦ A commemorative Memorial Certificate displaying the date and Global Positioning System location where the cremains were placed at sea, will be provided to the family.  
 ♦ Pictures, professional video taping of the ceremony, and a bagpiper is available upon request  
Undisclosed gift that may change the way you look at life  

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