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Rhode Island Ash Burial Rates
Ocean Burial in RI, Ash Scattering in New England, Serving Families in RI, CT, MA,VT, MA, and NH  


.    Rates are Based on Six (6) or Fewer Passengers

.    Addition Passengers,  $40/Person 

.    Children Under Age 12, $20/Person.

.    War Veterans Receive a 10% Discount

.    Capacity up to 16 passengers


Attended Ash Burial Ceremony   $700    

The service is offered at sunrise, mid day, or sunset. We will travel a minimum distance of 3 to 4 miles from Pt. Judith, Rhode Island with an approximate 2 hour time frame to perform the ash burial service.  Documentation of the burial will be forwarded to the EPA for permanent record keeping.   Some groups request destinations that are beyond the 3 mile limit.  These could include Block Island, Watch Hill, Newport, and Narragansett Bay. The scattering of more than one person's ashes  will be charged an additional $25 per scattering. An additional hourly rate of $125/hr. will be applied in this situation.  For groups with hectic schedules, ceremonies can be performed before or after working hours.


Unattended Memorial Ash Burial Service       $450

Difficult schedules, distant locations could prevent a group gathering.  For those who want to honor a loved one’s final wish to be buried at sea, Rhode Island Ash Burials at Sea will provide this service.  The boat will travel 3 miles south of Pt. Judith, RI.  At this point, any requested poems, readings or music can be heard via cell phone.  As the ceremony progresses the captain will explain each segment of the scattering process and its symbolism. Documentation of the burial will be recorded and forwarded to the EPA for permanent record keeping.  A Memorial Certificate displaying the date and exact location where the cremains were scattered at sea, will be sent to the family.


Revisit Memorial Site      $500

Memorial cruises are available to revisit the dispersal site on special anniversary dates.  Permanent record keeping allows us to bring you to the precise location of the original burial site.  The original ceremony can be duplicated or adjusted with many new readings and prayers.

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