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Rhode Island Ash Scattering at Sea, New England Ash Burials at Sea

It is always appreciated when a family member wishes to express their thanks to us, for an enjoyable and memorable day aboard our vessel.  The following are some of their comments.

Dear Captain Charlie,

I have finally had enough time to sit down and write you a note to express our gratitude and appreciation for the way you handled a difficult day for Cindy’s family, friends, and me.  All of us were stressed out having to face this final goodbye. 

Were we doing the right thing?  Were we going about this the right way?  Who was this Charlie Donilon?  Just another charter boat filling in some empty time slots?  After spending two hours on the most beautiful of beautiful days with the most humble, sincere person on his beautiful boat, we now have an answer to our questions. 

We sent our wife, mother, friend, our support system and a big part of our lives to a final resting spot with dignity and respect she so richly deserved.  A large portion of this was because of you and the way you handled the service.  Everyone spoke afterwards about how wonderful the day was and how wonderful you were.  We can’t thank you enough.  You performed a sincere, thoughtful, and respectful service.  I thank you for that. 

As a closing note, you had the insight to ask us to speak a word representing our thoughts about Cindy.  That round table exercise broke the sad ice and brought lightness and warmth to the day.  So did the bird.  Thank you again.

Sincerely, Scott M. family and friends of Cindy - Williamsbury, MA


The certificate with the longitude and latitude of our ash burial was awaiting me when I arrived home in New Mexico.  Thank you for your promptness.  The ceremony was beyond my expectations.  I appreciate your comfort zone with the cremains as I was a bit anxious about that part.  This beautiful experience will be reflected on for years to come. 

The weather was so perfect and the freighter awaiting Malcolm’s cremains was almost surreal.  Thank you for the service you provided our family so that we were able to disperse my brother’s cremains in a manner suitable to his life. 

Murie T. - Albuquerque, NM

Dear Captain Charlie,

I want to thank you very much on behalf of my family for the ash burial  you provided for my dad, Adolph J.  You really made it special, just enough ceremony to make it meaningful, not too much to be overwhelming.   My dad would have loved to have met you and heard about your crazy idea to build a boat for a "retirement" job.  I guess in a way he did get to meet you since your paths crossed on a meaningful day.  We are lucky to have crossed your path as well, as I doubt there is a captain and mate out there who can provide the ash burial as thoughtful as  yours.  Thank you again for giving us a memorable experience.                                                                                                              

Sincerely, Kate J. - Ashland, MA

Hi Charlie,

I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding service you provided us for the scattering. We couldn't have asked for a better day or better captain! I am very glad I chose you for the service. You are such a sweet and genuine man. Everyone in our party thought you were superb. No one has ever thought of a scattering service before and since you've made it so beautiful for our family, everyone has broadened their horizons. We will sure be telling our friends about you and your service. Thanks for making such a painful experience bearable and fun! Hope you are able to help other families enjoy such a sensitive time in their lives.
The book was beautiful and such a great touch. Thank you for sharing!
                                                                                                                                                 Take care and Godspeed!


Brenda S. - Providence, RI

Dear Captain Charlie,

On behalf of the Mulcahey family, I would like to extend our most sincere thanks for an experience of a lifetime.  The ceremony was a perfect tribute to our beloved Mother and more than we ever expected.  Your gentle guidance through a difficult day was very much appreciated.  We are in awe of your ability to bring our family to a point that we did not think we could manage.
We are truly grateful and wish you the best of health & happiness.

Patricia D. - Hope Valley, RI

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